Today’s big question

What did Materazzi say to Zidane to provoke such a violent reation?

EDIT: I’ve had a bit of a spike in traffic because this blog is the top-ranked result on Google for “what did materazzi say to zidane.” Welcome to my blog, but I’m afraid I don’t know the answer. I’ve seen people confidently claim it was “dirty Muslim terrorist” and “son of a terrorist whore” as well as other things, and it’s always claimed as coming from ‘a high ranking FIFA official’ or ‘a friend of Zidane’ or similar. It all sounds like speculation to me. I think I read that Zidane is planning to make a statement over the next couple of days, so perhaps we’ll learn then.

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That cuts both ways, you know. I found myself googling “materazzi zidane” only because you asked the question, even though my knowledge of soccer is such that I only knew Materazzi and Zidane must be soccer players by your tags. Then I confused my husband by talking knowledgably about this whole controversy when it came up on the radio this morning. As a rule, if it’s related to sports, I’m blissfully ignorant. But you manage to make anything you’re on about sound interesting; hence I am somehow seduced into becoming the family world cup expert. Hilarious.

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