Planet Ping Pong

I just watched most of a great documentary on BBC4 called ‘Planet Ping Pong’ about, well, table tennis. I missed the first 15 minutes (before 1949, roughly), unfortunately. If it comes to a channel near you soon (or YouTube or BitTorrent), check it out.

I’m very much out of practice and out of shape, but I used to love table tennis. It’s the short bursts of intensely focussed action. Rather like Mario vs Donkey Kong on the GBA.

Oh, and you could do worse than watching ピンポン, a Japanese film about high school table tennis.

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Well, its worth a look. Not least because seeing people talking passionately about a subject that doesn’t normally get into the media is always interesting.

At our TT League AGM only two of us had seen it. Very good and I want to get a copy but from where?

Well, this link offers some contact details you could try:

“Executive Producer is Michael Poole, the Series Producer John Das and the Producer/Director Robert Murphy.

For further information about the programme, contact:

Robert Murphy, BBC Bristol
Phone: 0117 974 7604 or 07711 305 818″

Hey 8MDV8, just wondered if you ever got around to uploading Planet Ping Pong to YouTube or BitTorrent? I’m dying to see it! :)

I really like to see this come around on BitTorrent. I’ve currently got it on my list of downloads, but there aren’t any seeds. I guess I’ll check YouTube, but BT would be MUCH better, as I’d like to give a copy to some people in my Table Tennis Club.

I have seen the BBC documentry Planet Ping Pong. This in my opinion was the best show on the history of table tennis.
Table tennis was a major sport in the 50s 60s and 70s but sadly is not in the media today due to bad promotion.
I am president of an international club here in Spain and wish to know if it is possible to get a copy of the Panet Ping Pong for my members.

Barry Meisel

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