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Interesting; I was a professional patient for awhile, helping 2nd year med students learn to do basic (and thankfully, not pelvic) exams. The main problem the students had was being unbelievably anxious — one or two would end up sweating so much they literally dripped on me. Ick. Also, there were occasional sartorial errors: Nothing says ‘medical professional’ like a backwards baseball cap. I’m not a hypochondriac, but it would be a great job if you were: you’re real doctor will never examine you so thoroughly.

Also, jeez. I wish you had an editing function in these comments, so I can spare myself from looking at my own bad copy. That would be ‘your,’ not ‘you’re.’

— shady
belatedly attentive, wonky, and slightly mortified to be so irritated by it.

I’ve never done that, but when I was a kid I was a practical question in a couple of medical exams because I had an interesting disease. So the med students would come round to examine me and ask me and my mother questions to try and see if they could work out what was wrong with me.

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