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FSotW: Digital Dendrology

Sorry, I forgot yesterday, so Flickr set of the week is a day late, but worth waiting for. It’s the remarkable Digital Dendrology by phyredesign.

“I’m fascinated by how things are structured in nature. This year, I have begun taking samples from the branches I collect, and preparing slides for viewing under a microscope. After identifying the type of tree to which the branch belongs, I use a digital camera attachment on my microscope to photograph the samples. Piecing together over fifty photographs for each sample, each final image is a 100x magnification of a glimpse of life not seen by the human eye alone. They become abstract structures reminiscent of any number of things.”

White Mulberry:


4 replies on “FSotW: Digital Dendrology”

Thank you for the link, beloved Harry! I hope to see you there. In fact, I’ll offer you a deal–come to Wallace’s party in full Modernist regalia, and then in July we’ll throw another huge one for Rardy M. Hopkins.

Anyway, I’m posting up here instead of below because this Flickr set is fantastic, even more than usual. I love the American Sycamore one especially.

They’re gorgeous, aren’t they.

… a bawd of euphony. Hmmm… I’m thinking I might need a corset…

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