FSotW: Rayguns

Flickr Set of the Week is rayguns (intergalactic self-defense mechanisms) by lockwasher. Who says:

I started putting these intergalactic self-defense mechanisms (ray guns) together after being totally inspired by Clayton Bailey, artist/gunsmith. I also draw inspiration from old 50’s and 60’s space movies/TV/toys…anything retro cool! I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did creating them. Stay tuned, I have about 15 or so that I’ve already completed but have yet to load up and depending on what kind of stuff I find, I can usually crank out a couple of these a month.

air juicer ray gun, originally uploaded by Lockwasher.

hitman of the party ray gun, originally uploaded by Lockwasher.

Cool though those are, I’m getting bored of FSotW. It’s not as entertaining as Mask of the Week used to be. Hmm. Might need to think of something else.

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