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  • Interesting: 'We applied automated measurement techniques to recordings of 78 hours of oral arguments from the U.S. Supreme court, in order to look at the (average) effects on pitch and time of primary word stress, secondary stress, and lack of stress.'
    ( tags: language )
  • A gently addictive flash game. Best I think with the music turned off.
    ( tags: flash games )

3 replies on “Links”

Well, I played Boomshine all the way to the end, got ranked #400 for the day, out of 518. Not so hot, huh? But I never did figure out what I was doing — obviously trying to trigger a cascade but how?

As for the Supremes, I’m afraid I lost interest soon after reading that Clarence Thomas didn’t talk enough to count.

I thought the supreme court thing was interesting because it feeds into some arguments I’ve had about scansion: I know some people insist on analysing English with four levels of stress, and have a resultantly elaborate understanding of how to scan a poem. This has never chimed with my perception, and I might be inclined to claim that I could use the article above to argue my case. I might need a linguist to back me up, though.

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