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As all the sportswear manufacturers unveil their big ad campaigns in the run-up to the World Cup, the one which has been the biggest hit is Nike’s epic Write the Future.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly impressive, if only for the sheer amount of money thrown at the screen. And while it’s conceptually and narratively a bit chaotic, it has some amusing moments and striking images. But it’s all about fame and glory and money and glamour and even more fame. It is the self-importance of football writ large. I miss the days when ads used to make football look, you know, entertaining. Even fun.

So I prefer this one, for Puma:

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Still would love to know how much ITV paid Nike for not showing the last 2 seconds during the first broadcast in the FA cup and thus missing off the branding. Not to mention what shade of bollocking the ad agency got for such weak branding in the first place.

Ah, branding schmanding. It’s been a big hit, and I bet most people know it’s for Nike. And they’re no doubt going to see it about thirty thousand times before the World Cup is over.

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