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Apple’s publicity seems to be focussing on the video chat, and that’s all very Jetsons and everything, but I don’t suppose I would often find myself in a situation where I wanted to video chat with another person who also had an iPhone 4 and we were both in WiFi hotspots.

But I’m really really keen to have a look at this new 326ppi display. If displays are genuinely crossing the threshold where they no longer look pixelated, where they look like real print, well, that is very exciting. And ingrate that I am, I immediately want to know: when am I going to be able to buy a great big 326ppi monitor for my computer?

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My N97 Mini has a 229ppi screen, so not quite as high res but close, and the pixels really do almost disappear. If you’ve had a late night the night before, and your eyes aren’t crystal clear, then they really do disappear. Photographs look particularly sharp and impressive.

You can get high res monitors, although not that high, I don’t know what it’s like with Apple but with Windows the problem is reading the small fonts. Yes, you can change the scaling to make the fonts larger but there are some applications that don’t play nicely with this and the screen drawing can be affected in an adverse way.

Yeah, resolution independence was one of the features they were working on for (I think) OSX Leopard, so that we could move into a future of high-resolution displays. But it didn’t make it to release, for whatever reason.

One of the things I like about the idea of very high-resolution displays is that presumably it means the end of special screen fonts like Verdana and Georgia which are optimised for low resolutions. I’ve been quite excited by the possibilities of Typekit for embedding typefaces into websites, but it’s amazing how many of them only look any good on screen at large sizes.

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