shot man not a terrorist

Apparently he was Brazilian and unconnected to the bombings. I appreciate the difficult position of the police, but this is why we didn’t have armed police in the first place. I don’t know what to say.

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Inter Milan cancel tour to England

Inter Milan have cancelled their pre-season tour to England, citing security fears. How’s this for weasel words: “The club has decided to cancel the team tour in England so as not to further stretch the already severely occupied security services”. Fuck ’em.

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I’ve been following the discussions about eclecticism (of taste, of anthologies) among the poblogs.

My initial reaction was that it was being intentionally divisive – in the Silliman mode of needing to denigrate the competition to justify yourself. But I just remembered how true it seemed when I once heard someone say “I just don’t understand how you can like both the Pre-Raphaelites and Vermeer”.

That’s a pair that means more to me than the ones KSM has come up with, which either involve poets whose work I don’t know very well, or jazz musicians. It would be an interesting game making up similar pairs, although I’m still uncertain whether people’s taste is as coherent and predictable as that.

A different question is whether one should embrace these divisions as an inevitable truth, or try and cultivate a broad appreciation of different work. You don’t want to be so open-minded that you blunt your critical faculties, but an insistence on the impossibility of eclecticism is likely to be self-fulfilling.

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Ashes day 3

It’s going to take a pretty remarkable bit of batting (and indeed some decent bowling) to win this one.

But then we always knew it would take some remarkable performances to regain the Ashes. Is there anyone in this side who could provide an Atherton-like two-day batting performance? Or alternatively Freddie and Pietersen could knock it off together in a couple of hours.

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suspected suicide bomber shot on Tube

The police shooting dead a suspected suicide bomber (who, as it turns out, wasn’t a bomber, even if he turns out to be linked) on the Underground. Now that’s unnerving. It’s so un-British.

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