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Pulp Beowulf

A link from C. Dale Young sent me to this article¬†which is rather unflattering about a¬†scheme to promote poetry in Seattle. What got me going, though, was this, from someone defending the scheme in the comments: On comprehending poetry: you say “Poetry, by its very definition, is a difficult thing to write and to comprehend.” […]


A big-budget Hollywood version of Beowulf is obviously going to either be a travesty of the poem or commercial suicide. When you hear that Angelina Jolie is embarrassed about her nude scenes in the movie, I think it’s pretty clear which one.

Beowulf as a chiefdom-based society

I’m just reading Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny by Robert Wright, a book which argues that there is in fact a good theoretical basis (from game-theory) for seeing the development of human societies as directional. I believe the book later goes onto biological systems as well, but I haven’t got to that bit. Anyway, […]