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Furry great tits

The cats are shedding at the moment — at times recently Dolly has seemed like a walking cloud of hair with a cat faintly discernible somewhere in the middle. So I got a Furminator to help collect some of the excess, and that means great big clumps of cat hair to dispose of, so I put it […]

Bionic Cat!

One of those OMG I’M LIVING THE FUTURE!!! moments. We have our cats microchipped, so that if they get lost, they can be traced back to us. But that isn’t the futuristic bit; no, the futuristic bit is that we have a new cat-flap which has a chip reader and an electric catch… so it’s […]

Fun with gifcats

Silly, I know.

New new cat news

A second new cat, to keep Dolly company; introducing Oscar: The company-keeping theory isn’t actually working very well at the moment — there’s a lot of hissing and growling going on — but hopefully they’ll get used to each other soon enough.

New addition to the family

A video of the new kitten.

Sad cat news

The vet came round to put down one of the cats yesterday. Posy big green eyes and the softest fur of any cat I’ve ever met, and huge scary claws that she only ever stuck into human flesh accidentally. She had a tiny voice, not so much a meow as a mi. She didn’t show any […]


BBC NEWS | UK | Town’s most prolific cat burglar 'A cat in Swindon has become a real cat burglar, in the last year he has stolen more than 30 teddies.' ( tags: cats ) Good Evening » I’M NOT NORMALLY ONE TO FAKE SWEAR TWO POSTS IN A ROW "BUT IT WAS CHARLIE SHOPSIN […]


Wine and Water ‘As I wait, a young gentleman receives his book from Special Collections. It comes in a little packet, and when he pulls it out, I can see that it is smaller than his thumbnail. The look on his face, somewhere between surprise and annoyance, is priceless. He tries, momentarily, to read it, […]

Posy in the wastepaper basket

Posy obviously aspires to being a lolcat. » Posy in the wastepaper basket, posted to Flickr by me.

Napowrimo #9: The Ocelot

The loveliest of wild cats is probably the ocelot; it also has nice shiny teeth although it doesn’t floss a lot.

All the better to eat you with

If you particularly want to see this bigger, I’ve posted it to Flickr.

New camera, same old clichés

I’ve got a new camera, so I thought I’d celebrate it in the approved internet fashion: catblogging. You can click through to Flickr to see larger versions. This is Boris: And this is Posy, who is a difficult cat to photograph, because she’s so black and shiny:

Fox cubs

The foxes have cubs at the moment. The foxes are pretty tame in London, since no-one hunts them, and once or twice I’ve seen the cubs playing on the lawn. Mainly you just hear them; squawking, screeching and making a high-pitched twittering like angry plovers. The foxes and cats seem to co-exist in a state […]


A picture from my brother: See the whole set here. And see also this story.


picture © my sister