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iTunes 11 for Mac running at 100% CPU when just playing music

Just in case this saves anyone else a few minutes of boring googling: the solution was to log out of the iTunes store and log back in again. Details: iTunes on Mountain Lion was being very unresponsive and beachballing, despite not apparently doing anything except playing music, and Activity Monitor said it was using 100% of one […]

computer problems

I’m having serious computer problems—like not being able to turn it on—so posting is liable to be sporadic. Just fyi. EDIT: I’ve seized the opportunity while my computer is running of posting a new picture at Clouded Drab.

Weird computer problems

I am for the moment busy trying to get my stupid computer to not be a complete pain in the arse. It does this weird thing where I ask it to sleep and instead it messes up one of the other system functions (Exposé and Dashboard and so on, for the Mac users). When it […]

New iTunes icons

I decided I don’t like the iTunes icon very much, so I’ve made myself some new ones: Still by LaVern Baker, Young Boy Blues by Eddie “Buster” Forehand, and We Go Together by The Moonglows, since you asked. Picked for what they look like rather than the choons – I’ve only heard one of them […]

And in the beginning was the video

According to TUAW: This video was ripped from a videotape (which explains the lack of video quality) of the 1984 Apple Shareholders’ meeting, where the original Macintosh was unveiled. It’s either a very good spoof, or… well, genuine.

Ah, the first stirrings of young love…

You know what they say: Once you go Mac, you never go back. I don’t want to come over *too* Apple-fanboy. I know they’re just a more expensive way of doing all the same things you can do on a PC. What I find quite interesting, though, is how much people seem to miss the […]

he just doesn’t get it

Creative have launched a competitor to the video-capable iPod. It looks rather like the iPod except clumsier and uglier. But this is the bit I thought was extraordinary: Creative are touting the Zen as a far more powerful player than Apple’s offering, with additional functions such as FM radio and a built-in mic. “We are […]

wireless networks, bunnies

I’ve spent most of the afternoon browsing around the web looking for the best way to fix the wireless network* so that it works everywhere it needs to. I’ve now officially lost the will to live. Here’s a calming picture of some bunnies: *The problem is that the current router (a Belkin F5D7630, since you […]

On the subject of iTunes

I’m sure this is old news to a lot of you, but humour me. I’m amazed by how much it has changed my listening experience, having all my music on the computer. I didn’t actually intend to put all my music on the hard disk when I got the computer – the CD player is within […]

日本語 and all that jazz

I’ve just been learning about the internationalisation features in OS X. Which are cool. Since I can’t actually read and write Chinese or Tamil or Cherokee, I don’t have much use for them, but it’s nice that they’re integrated into the system. I guess I might occasionally use it for typing out bits of Anglo-Saxon […]

Why no FTP software in OSX?

OSX 10.4 comes with buckets-full of gizmos. So why no FTP client? Surely it’s not that unusual or super-technical to want to use FTP to send files to a server?

Old computers

I know there’s not much more boring than people going on about how much computers have changed. But having just bought a new computer, I’m in the mood to do it anyway. The very first computer we had in the house was my brother’s ZX81: The ZX81 came with 1Kb of RAM. As a comparison, […]

you gotta love open source

I just downloaded The Gimp as a substitute for Photoshop. And so far it looks pretty damn impressive. The interface is a bit Windows-y (Unix-y?) for my liking – not because there’s anything wrong with that, but because I’d prefer all my software to be consistent. And it’s a tad geeky (a menu called ‘Script-Fu’? […]