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I really am going to stop posting about the US elections soon, but this was kind of priceless: The best bit is Bill O’Reilly trying to stick up for her. [later edit] And while I’m posting YouTube videos, here’s a bit of The Day Today that seems curiously relevant:

In which my irritation boileth over

Gerard Baker, the United States Editor of the (London) Times, has been gamely sticking up for the Republicans during this election. Even among the employees of that relatively conservative paper I imagine he feels like a bit of a beleaguered minority, so it’s perhaps not surprising that the tone of his articles has started to […]

On Sarah Palin

Scanning over the basic facts of Sarah Palin’s life, I was immediately struck by the fact that 40% of her children are named after witches.* This may say more about me than it does about her. * Piper and Willow.