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Yup, it’s that time of the month again.

Firstly, what might be my all-time favourite, even better than ‘tugged eggcorn’:

squiggly lines in digital cameras are they ghosts?

Some of the others, in no particular order:

rachel whiteread is crap
decadent west blog
i will magnify the lord bible quotation mary
browning gather ye rosebuds
katatsuburi soro nobore fuji no yama
japanese halloween masks
masks that are in films
heraclitean still point

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spare ribs

I’m not even going to try to give quantities, since I just sloshed things into a bowl, so if you’ve never cooked ribs this might not be the recipe to start with. On the other hand, it is the kind of forgiving food where sloshing things into a bowl works quite well.

Like all of these rib recipes, the base of the marinade is soy and honey – quite a lot of each. I used Japanese (light) soy sauce, honey, lots of finely chopped/coarsely grated ginger, a few cloves of crushed garlic, a generous squirt of tomato puree, some dark rum, West Indian pepper sauce and smoked paprika.

I think this is nicer with smaller ribs rather than the huge meaty kind. Marinade them for a few hours, then cook in a roasting pan with the marinade for about 1h 40m at 160C. After 45 mins, turn the ribs over. With 10m to go, pour off and reserve the marinade and juices to use as a sauce for those who want it. Stir the ribs around so they’re all piled up and can brown all over.

Eat. It’s good to gnaw the meat off a bone from time to time.



No, not nanowrimo, actual Hell. BLDGBLOG – where Dante and Botticelli meet opencast mining.



From Brad Holland’s helpful glossary of art terms

Abstract Expressionism:
After the Second World War the United States emerged as the world’s superpower. American companies like Cities Service and Esso, which had once been regional businesses, became international corporations. They adopted abstract names like Citgo and Exxon to give themselves world-class status. Since multinational giants couldn’t have little pictures of red barns or weeping clowns in the lobbies of their Bauhaus buildings, Abstract Expressionism emerged as the world’s most prized form of interior decoration.

via Metafilter.


Purple Potatoes

I bought some Salad Blue potatoes at Borough Market the other day, and just ate them (roasted). I was surprised by how disconcerting I found the violet-coloured flesh. After a few mouthfuls, you get used to it, but at first, they look really unappetising. They just tasted like potatoes, though. If anything, they were on the bland side. Next time I buy heritage potatoes, I’ll pick them on the basis of flavour rather than novelty colour-scheme.


Mask of the Week

A mask from the Tsam (or Cham) ceremony, a masked dance designed to exorcise evil. The ceremony was held all across the Himalayas, but has been nearly eliminated by the combination of Chinese communism and Western influence. This is from Mongolia.

via Golf Mongolia