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I’ve been putting all my music onto the computer. Which has been quite interesting. I’ve discovered I have an entire day’s worth of music which the computer classifies as Electronica/Dance (and I haven’t ripped all of it). Considering that, even to me, a lot of it sounds rather the same, I probably don’t need any more. Ever.

Currently playing: ‘Reniform Puls’, from an album called Draft 7.30 by Autechre.

But then the classification system is only erratically helpful. Charles Aznavour and Orchestra Super Mazembe may both be foreign – if you don’t happen to be French or Congolese – but that doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to stuff them into the same pigeonhole. And why are two of the Kraftwerk albums classified under something other than ‘Electronica’? And by what conceivable definition can Jamiroquai be called ‘rock’?

Still, there’s endless potential here for entertaining geekiness, making up obscure playlists like ‘music to cry into your gin by’.

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