the coolest use of Flickr EVER!!

Sorry for the exaggeration marks.

But it is pretty cool. It seems to be this guy‘s idea, but this is the recipe I’m most tempted to try:

You need to click on either the link or the photo above to see why it’s such a fab idea. I’m almost tempted to try doing one of these myself.

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I suspect Bertrand must have cribbed the idea from somewhere, though. As a child, I was given a French children’s cookbook (with the vaguely Mikado-esque English title of Yum Yum I’ll Be My Own Cook‘s) that follows precisely this format, right down to the mustard glasses and packets of vanilla sugar (both very mysterious to me as an American eight-year-old). The recipes in it are very basic French home cooking — chocolate truffles, poached eggs, a simplified version of charlotte russe — and absolutely wonderful. I still cook with it; the little pictures (pen-and-ink drawings instead of photos) are so cheerful and homey.

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