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Ho Ho Ho!

Decapitated Father Christmas

The robust London sense of humour was on display at Borough market last week, courtesy of the bloke selling Christmas trees.

Also of interest at the market, some fine-looking fungi for sale. I have no idea what puffballs are like to eat—mushroomy, probably—but they look impressive.

puffballs for sale at Borough Market

These pictures are hosted on my Flickr account. And it seems like an apt moment to plug my photoblog Clouded Drab again, since the photo on the front page at the moment was also taken at Borough Market.

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Puffballs are sooooo delicious! They are my favorite mushroom, fried in good butter and eaten on homemade bread. Oooh. I’ve never seen them for sale before, though, and honestly the ones in your picture look past their prime to me — puffballs should be pure white inside and out, and the smaller ones are usually better (younger) than the big ones. Maybe they’re a little different on the other side of the puddle? (My grandfather always emphasized the local nature of safe mushroom hunting; he’d once treated an entire Asian family for mushroom poisoning, because a mushroom in Minneapolis that looked identical to their straw mushrooms from home turned out to an Amanita. This didn’t stop him from collecting mushrooms, either — but only when close to home.)

Anyway, now I’m hungry.

“Maybe they’re a little different on the other side of the puddle?”

I suppose they could be, although it seems just as likely that they’re selling the big ones because people like the novelty value.

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