I watched Cabaret again tonight. First thing: it really is a very good film, and if by some chance you haven’t seen it, hurry up and do so.

I was struck by how grown up it seems: it touches on serious subjects (Nazis! homosexuality! abortion!) but does so, mainly, in a stylishly, darkly humorous way. It made me wonder when I last saw a new movie which didn’t talk down to its audience.

It also made me want to read some Christopher Isherwood.

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It’s one of the great musicals, owing as much to Brecht and Weill as to its Broadway antecedents in its balance between timelessly serious content and great numbers and in-your-face dance routines. I tried very hard to persuade the head of my last school – a girls’ school from which I have just retired as Head of Drama – to let me stage it. But Nazis, homosexuality and abortion got in the way!

I particularly like the way it manages to be stylish — fabulous choreography and so on — while never making the Kit Kat club look like anything other than a seedy little dive.

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