Read the world: a map

I’ve made an interactive map to show which countries I’ve read books from.

Short version: I’ve read books from the countries marked blue or green, but not the ones marked yellow or red.

Blue are books I had already read before starting the challenge.
Green are books read since starting the challenge. Red is for countries I haven’t read yet; a black dot means a country I have an idea for.
Yellow is for countries where I have a copy of the book waiting to be read.

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Well, if you want to use Google Maps / Google Earth, I can export the KML file with all my placemarks in it for you if you want: you’ll still have to edit them, but it’ll save you some time.

BTW, is my map still not loading for you?

It’s only an embedded Google map so I don’t know why it would be a problem. :(

Hi, I want to export Google map files in KML/KMZ format. Can you please help me regarding this??

If you make a map using the My Maps function in Google Maps, there should be a blue link in the title bar saying ‘View in Google Earth’, but it only displays if you have Google Earth installed on your computer, I think. In fact when I just tried it, it only worked if I actually had Google Earth running, although I’m not sure that’s what supposed to happen.

Anyway, you click the link and it exports the data as a KML file.

Hi Harry,

If you’re looking for a suggestion for South Korea, how about The Poet by Yi Mun-Yol? It’s a fictionalised biography of a nineteenth century poet, who has to deal with familial punishment for his grandfather’s treason and his own responsibilities as a citizen and poet. (The author’s father defected to North Korea.) I read it a few years back and would be interested to know what you think.

I hadn’t really thought much about Korea yet, but that certainly sounds like a possibility… I actually need to order some more books soon, so I’ll have a look.

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