New York Public Library images online

There’s loads of good stuff in the NYPL digital gallery. I don’t really know any more about this lady except that she’s La Sylphe.

More after the jump.

Pine grows out of willow tree (& other curiosities and wonders)

The long-eared bat and other illustrations from Bewick’s General History of Quadrupeds.

A palm drive and other postcards.

Ziegfield midnight frolic, 1915 keysheet, and other (seemingly all theatrical) contact sheets.

Apache medicine shirt and other material published by the Smithsonian’s Bureau of Ethnology.

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I’ve got slow internet and images load from the top down. I’ve just been viewing cabbages; as when the fabric sheathed ventral horizon of the dancer appeared, I thought it was a cabbage!

I don’t suppose that’s the effect she was going for, but you’re right, she does have a certain cabbagy quality.

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