Another iPhone application I would pay good money for

I want Time Out on my iPhone.

Time Out on my phone.

I could only find one iPhone app with UK cinema listings and it didn’t have my local cinema listed, so that’s one thing I’d pay for on its own. But if I could get something with the whole lot — cinema listings, exhibitions, restaurant reviews, TV schedules, comedy, poetry readings — all optimised for use on my phone and location-aware, well, that would be brilliant. Actually, it’s a good rule of thumb: any way I can replace something I might otherwise carry around with me, that’s a winner. That’s why buying the A-Z was a no-brainer, why I want field guides on my phone, and why I want Time Out. Anything under £10 would be a bargain, and I’d probably pay more. I might even be willing to pay an annual subscription.

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