Kate Middleton confirmed into the Church of England

According to sources close to Miss Middleton she chose to be confirmed because of her own personal journey into faith rather than because of the Royal Family’s role in the Church of England.

Yeah, right.

I suppose it’s not actually impossible that she happened to have a religious flowering just in time to marry the future head of the church, but let’s just say the timing invites scepticism. Still, it’s probably harmless enough as religious hypocrisies go.

This, though, seems a little optimistic from the religious correspondent of the Times:

This is good news for the people of Britain. It is thrilling to think of what might come of Miss Middleton’s public commitment to her faith, and of the ways in which, through good works as well as faith, she will go on to use her position to contribute to the common good.

I know there’s a lot of interest in the royal wedding, but I don’t think Kate Middleton is the celebrity endorsement which is going to fill the pews.

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I don’t know. I have certainly known a handful of people who have converted to LDS ‘of their own accord’ while in romantic relationships with church members. I am sure they were relatively sincere, and one even stayed with the church after the relationship ended. Of course one is still happily married and with the church, and another 2 moved on to other things. When you are in love with a person who is religious, it is easy to get swept up into it and do a lot of that intimate self-examination that leads to a crystalization of spiritual beliefs. When your SO who you trust has a lot of conviction and ready answers about spiritual questions, it is not unreasonable to find personal truth in them, even if it looks a bit fishy and conveniently timed. Of course my own parents were a good example of this not happening. But I see no reason to be too cynical. Then again, I guess I can see it the other way too, especially if her guy has not shown much personal faith.

I suppose it’s a bit like Barack Obama — apparently if you read his autobiography it’s clear he was an atheist until about the time he decided to run for public office. At which point he found God. Which doesn’t mean he’s lying, but does mean he had a strong incentive to persuade himself into faith.

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