Open City by Teju Cole

I ordered this novel because I’d read and enjoyed various bits of Cole’s writing around the internet. I’ll keep this short because I’ve been getting pins and needles in my hands which I suspect is down to spending too much time typing, so I’m trying to rest them a bit.

So suffice to say it’s a delicately written, nuanced novel set mainly in New York which is about, among other things, migration and identity. I really liked it.

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That’s interesting. There was a rave review in the FT last weekend – so enthusiastic I was a bit wary.

Ah, here it is:

If they say you have to register to read it, don’t worry: it’s not a Murdoch creature and you can take the free option of so many views per month. Their arts coverage is pretty good.

(I dunno. Did that post? I’m away from home and on a steam-driven computer without proper broadband.)

There was a rave review in the FT last weekend – so enthusiastic I was a bit wary.

There’s nothing more likely to spoil my enjoyment of a book or a film than reading a really glowing review beforehand. Far better to go into something without any expectations and be pleasantly surprised.

In this case I had no idea really of the critical reception it was getting, I just ordered it when I heard he had a book out and only just got round to reading it. Interesting to read those.

I could imagine it not being to everyone’s taste, but if you’re looking for something to read it’s certainly worth a punt.

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