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  • 'Europe may become a significant source of "exported" measles in poor countries that have done a better job eliminating the virus.
    A study in The Lancet this week finds that the WHO is unlikely to meet its goal of eliminating measles in the European region by 2010 because vaccination rates in many countries, including Germany, the UK and Italy, are too low to stop the spread of the virus. In contrast, Latin America eliminated measles in 2002, but has since suffered outbreaks "imported" from Europe. While measles rarely kills in Europe, in poorer countries malnutrition and limited healthcare make the virus far more lethal'. That's actually the complete story, so don't follow the link. It just seemed worth flagging up. It would be nice to think that all the anti-vaccine people, the conspiracy theorists and homeopaths and fruitcakes of various persuasions, would see this news and feel deep shame, but no doubt they have their self-justifications ready.
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