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BBC Internet Blog: A new global visual language for the BBC’s digital services An interesting post about the BBC's project to redesign their website(s). ( tags: BBC design )

The Ross/Brand incident and its aftermath

Why I think some of the reaction to Sachsgate is missing the point.


BBC Radio iPhone Streams 'the stream addresses of BBC National Radio stations, so that you can listen to the BBC on the move using an iPhone or iPod Touch.' Not sure this works for people outside the UK, but I'm really excited to find it. Now I can listen to the cricket on my phone… […]

My only comment on the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand fiasco

Next time there’s a media shitstorm which forces the BBC into having a panicky purge of staff, can they please find a reason to┬áretire┬áJohn Humphrys? Pretty please?

Crappy journalism in action

I nearly posted a link to this story on the BBC website about cows having regional accents because I thought it was mildly interesting. But the internet linguistics police quickly debunked it. The BBC story starts by saying “Cows have regional accents like humans, language specialists have suggested.” What actually happened was that a PR […]

Non-news story of the week

From the BBC: “A cloned human would probably consider themselves to be an individual, a study suggests.” Well duh.

Duchamp vandalism and BBC fuckwittery

Someone took a hammer to Fountain by Marcel Duchamp. Which is the famous sculpture made from a urinal. I just found the BBC’s phrasing annoying: A 77-year-old Frenchman has spent a night in custody in Paris after attacking a plain porcelain urinal considered to be a major artwork. ‘considered’ to be a major artwork? It’s […]