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Africa in the news

Or rather, Africa not in the news. I have to admit, I haven’t been in news-junkie mode recently, but how did I miss this? This week we bring you music from the Democratic Republic of Congo to recognize the incredible moment in history we are witnessing. In the largest UN overseen election in history, 58 […]

’70s Tanzanian music

I know absolutely nothing about ’70s Tanzanian music. But Matsuli Music has three tracks by Mbaraka Mwinshehe. So far I’ve only listened to the first, Expo ’70, but that alone would justify giving the link.

Passing it forward

Three pieces of music that are hot enough to drag the northern hemisphere kicking and screaming into spring. I wish. From memory, I think they’re from Mudd Up!, Funky16Corners and gabba.

The Lipstick of Noise

Poetry MP3 blog The Lipstick of Noise is back up and running.

Cambodian Hip Hop

from The Ten Thousand Things. Make sure you read the article from the Phnom Penh Post. And listen to the mp3.

giving children the clap

Some retro educational weirdness over at the riddim method. Make sure you listen to the mp3s.

lipstick of noise

The Lipstick of Noise is a poetry mp3 blog. Doesn’t seem to have an RSS feed, annoyingly. via Said the Gramophone.

“the happiest band in the world”

About a week ago I suggested you go over to Aduna to get the three mp3s of Orchestra Super Mazembe [they’re still there!]. Well, at no condition is permanent, a whole album – nine tracks – of OSM has been posted. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’m really excited. And, as ever, if […]

Orchestra Super Mazembe

Aduna has three MP3s up at the moment from one of my favourite CDs, which is an Orchestra Super Mazembe compilation called ‘Giants of East Africa’. So go and download them, enjoy them, and then buy the album.

music on the net

I’ve only just started getting into music blogs, but they’re fabulous. Of the ones I visit at the moment, the ones which I’ve taken most music from are PopText and Funky16Corners, but I’m currently listening to a 70 minute mix of ‘dancehall/bashment, reggaeton, R’n’B/hip hop/crunk, soca, reggae and ragga jungle’ from Heatwave which I learned […]