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Wii tennis

I decided yesterday to try to work out how the computer-operated characters in Wii tennis get such vicious side spin on the ball. After a lot of experimentation, I have a much better grasp of how it works, but trying to concentrate on how I was moving the remote completely hammered my timing and my […]

Mii and Wii

I’ve been hobbling around like a geriatric today after my long sesh on Wii sports. Sad to say, I don’t suppose I’ve burnt many calories – just strained a bunch of muscles that normally get to lie around slothlike. Perhaps that should be hang around slothlike. Anyway, I played The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess […]

Wii by gum

I got my Nintendo Wii today. For those who don’t follow these things, the distinctive feature of the Wii is that it has a motion-sensitive remote controller. So for example, it comes with a game called Wii Sports, and to hit the tennis ball you swing the controller like a racket; similarly with baseball, golf […]


Well, I’ve pre-ordered my Wii and a copy of the new Zelda from Amazon. Which I think is exciting, even if none of my readers do.