Stuckism came up in the context of the New Sincerity.

Certainly the manifesto provides parallels. The actual work turns out to be seriously disappointing. For a movement than emphasises authenticity and non-cleverness, the Stuckists seem to produce a lot of work which is jokey and shallow:

‘Dog and Cat Underwater’ – Wolf Howard

‘Two Wine Glasses Remembering that They Used To Be Very Fond Of Each Other’ – Charles Thomson

… or very image-conscious and referential. Paul Harvey, who actually looks like the pick of them in terms of producing attractive objects, does things like paintings of supermodels in the style of Alphonse Mucha. How much more PoMo can you get? He’s even done a Mucha-esque painting of a woman holding one of his own Mucha-esque paintings:

‘The Stuckists Punk Victorian’ – Paul Harvey

Others are just mediocre. Some rather clunky naive painting:

‘About Last Night’ – Philip Absolon

…some complete tat: