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I’ve come up with a new design for the site, as I think should be pretty obvious. If you prefer the calmer qualities of the old look, there’s now a theme switcher in the sidebar so you can pick your favourite. The scarab picture is used by kind permission of elina. Fab, innit?

The main problem with the new theme from a design POV is that it looks a bit peculiar if you’re looking at a single post which isn’t very long. But I can’t think of an easy answer to that one. It’s also a wee bit visually aggressive, but hey, that’s what the theme switcher is for – you can take your pick.

8 replies on “New Theme”

The scarab picture is awesome! I don’t find the design too visually aggressive myself. My only complaint is that I have to scroll down to see the name of the blog. But since I usually know what blog I’m reading, that’s more a complaint that I don’t have a larger monitor.

I particularly like what you’ve done with your links. The convenience of having all of them in one spot without using a separate page or three columns is a nice touch.

Heya Kevin.

What screen res are you using? I know that the blog name is pretty low on the screen, but I hoped it would still at least show up on a fairly standard setup. Glad you like the scarab pic. Not that I can take much credit..

Cheers, Howard. I had something completely different in mind when I started, but I’m all about the learning by discovery.

Cheers elina. Your photo is doing most of the work, of course.

Kevin – You’re right, of course, ideally the title would be higher, but I wanted to use quite a lot of the picture. Glad you like it.

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