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Shaolin Soccer

I watched Shaolin Soccer on DVD the other night. The box is covered in recommendations from the Sun, FHM, Nuts, and similarly blokish publications, which was a bit off-putting, but actually it was the most entertaining film I’ve seen in ages. It uses the classic structure of a ramshackle team of outsiders who finally have to beat the all-conquering professionals in a cup final. The pros are called ‘Team Evil’ which pretty much sets the tone for the whole film.

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I love this movie! Actually, love all of Stephen Chow’s work that I’ve seen – Shaolin Soccer, The God of Cookery, and particularly Kung Fu Hustle (a sequel is reportedly in the works for release this year). I saw an interview with him in which he admits he doesn’t know squat about soccer, which is apparent in the film. But it’s still hilarious! We nearly named our local recreational team Team Evil as a tribute.

I bought Kung Fu Hustle at the same time as SS, so I’m looking forward to seeing that.

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