American oenophilia

Travelling in the Galapagos and Ecuador, obviously a large proportion of my shipmates and lodgemates were from the US. While I’m on the subject of transAtlantic foodiness: when did Americans all become such wine-buffs? I appreciate that the section of American society that turns up on Galapagos cruises and in Ecuadorian ecolodges is a fairly narrow one, but I still found it rather striking. None of them were capable of just quickly ordering a bottle of something; I haven’t heard so many discussions about grape varieties for years. And when the wine did come, they all had to express opinions about what it tasted like. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favour of a nice glass of wine. I’d just rather drink it than talk about it.

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Being one of those ecolodging Americans you drank wine with, I feel compelled to say that my wine-buffy fellow citizens bore me to tears–and that I shall begin working on a free verse poem on the subject of Chilean cabernet to be read over the hooting of pan pipes, dedicated to you. Or perhaps I should just drink more and opine less. Career goal for 2007.

Hello! Just ordered the meat book, which has apparently been adapted for US (meaning, I suppose, non-metric?) and will be out in May. I went with the UK version, as am too impatient and over-confident in my basic math skills.

You have become mildly famous in Seattle, thanks to, “8pm. Under table. No birds.”

‘mildly famous in Seattle’ – maybe I should use that as a tagline for this blog.

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