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My perfect Strictly Come Dancing lineup

Peter Mandelson Winona Ryder Christiano Ronaldo Werner Herzog Tina Fey Carey Mulligan Sachin Tendulkar Venus Williams Mark Zuckerberg Sarah Palin Prince William Scarlett Johansson Tom Cruise Condoleezza Rice Obviously.

Afghan Star

Just a quick mention for this documentary, which I’ve owned on DVD for ages but only just got round to watching. It follows season three of Afghan Star, an American Idol type show in Afghanistan. It’s a brilliant idea for a documentary, because the glitz and bombast of those talent shows seem like the very […]

The Ross/Brand incident and its aftermath

Why I think some of the reaction to Sachsgate is missing the point.


These are my links for 26th January 09 from 06:54 to 06:54


Observations on film art and FILM ART : Bugs: The secret history The early cinema precursors of those irritating little translucent channel idents that float in the corner of the screen on TV. ( tags: film television 1900s )


Television Under The Swastika | Smashing Telly – A hand picked TV channel 'Spiegel TV has tracked down rare Nazi TV footage, complete with everything from bizarre cabaret acts to interviews with people like Albert Speer.' ( tags: Germany Nazis television 1930s )

Links Study: The Strange World of Sports Studio Design 'The BBCs Euro 2008 studio is a glass box overlooking the rooftops of Vienna… But it's the table that's of primary interest. It displays the unusual usual tropes of that tiny genre of design: football tournament desk design.' ( tags: design football television )

The iPhone, Top Trumps, and widescreen TV

The BBC’s tech blog has posted a piece about the new iPhone, and, inevitably, the comments are full of people whining about how the iPhone is rubbish because it lacks some feature that competing phones have, or has inferior specs, and that people only buy it because of they are stupid fashion victims.  This comment […]


MikeSacks » photos of TV Photos of TV. via Eyeteeth. ( tags: TV photos )

Mark Lawrenson: just SHUT UP already

It’s not that I want the football commentators to try and sell every game as a classic even when it clearly isn’t. I appreciate their willingness to be honest about their product. But having bloody Lawro gloomily commenting about how bad the game is every 30 seconds for the whole bloody match really doesn’t add […]

smoke-filled rooms

I do think it’s funny that the British, so temperamentally disinclined towards conspiracy theories that they even assume that referees are incompetent rather than corrupt, seem ready to believe in a shadowy international conspiracy to fix the result of the Eurovision Song Contest. EDIT: and after posting that I read that Richard Younger-Ross, the Lib […]

Bare-faced cheek from Sky Sports

I was watching the football this evening (and no, I haven’t done my napowrimo poem yet, and yes, that’s probably what I should be doing now instead of this post), and all the players looked rather short and squat. And changing the format setting on the TV didn’t seem to help. I came to the […]

David Tennant on ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

Who Do You Think You Are? is a BBC series where they trace the family history of celebrities. There was a particularly good episode tonight with David Tennant (Doctor Who, among other acting credits). Good both because he’s an articulate, personable man and because they had some good material to work with; one branch of […]

I’m like a wildebeest that’s out of control on helium

Nuff said.

Peculiar subtitles

it’s still Michael Allen – and he scores a girl! I was watching the football build-up with the sound off and the subtitles on.

Strictly Come Dancing & Darren Gough

I’ve been watching Strictly Come Dancing which, for those who don’t know, is a BBC knockout pro-celebrity dancing competition. Last year it was won by a soap actress, the year before that by a newsreader. This year, for me the pleasure has been watching Darren Gough. Gough is a fast bowler (i.e. a cricket pitcher), […]

Reality. Sort of.

I’ve been watching The X Factor, and I was sure I’d met one of the contestants somewhere. University? A friend’s party? I spent some time trying to place her before resorting to Google – whereupon it turned out that she was in the first series of Pop Idol. Television – almost like actually having friends.

Bob Denver & Americana

Bob Denver, the star of Gilligan’s Island, has died. Gilligan’s Island is one of those bits of Americana which feel familiar but I actually know entirely via hearsay. It’s one of the most frequently used pop culture references in other US pop culture – they mentioned it on House just last night – but I’ve […]

hair and stuffing

I went to get my hair cut today, and the barbress said “Your hair’s nice and shiny – you obviously don’t smoke.” She’s right, I don’t, but I’m surprised she could tell by looking at my hair. The conversation turned to a documentary on TV last night that followed various taxidermists in their preparations for […]