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Square America

A post over at On The Flipside pointed me towards Square America.

The ternness of terns

George Szirtes discusses people’s need to identify things – flowers, birds – something he doesn’t share. Indeed he sets up (but slightly backs away from), an opposition between the botanist’s way of looking and the artists’s way. He ends like this: Yet all the time I am aware that even an urban citoyen of the […]

Figgy Dowdy, Sussex Pond Pudding and English food

I got back to England to find, appropriately enough, that some food blogs, English or otherwise, celebrated St George’s Day (Apr 23rd) by cooking English puddings, cakes, biscuits and other sugariness. Why British food has such a bad reputation, and whether it’s deserved, is a question for another day. One kind of British food that […]


From the IHT, via Londonist: School officials in a Florida county said they were concerned about terrorism when they decided to keep a high school band from marching in a London parade, and now British officials are telling travelers that Fort Myers is no safe haven, either. Local officials fear that the dispute could cost […]

Atheism again

I said a few posts ago, about my own atheism, “I don’t believe in unicorns either, but I’m not about to go to any meetings about it.” Well, I haven’t been going to any atheist meetings, but I have been reading the comment threads at Pharyngula, which is a pretty good internet equivalent. My own […]

page vs performance

Ros Barber is annoyed by the use of the term ‘performance poet’ in a disparaging way and “can’t see the sense in perpetuating the page/performance divide”. George Szirtes thinks the distinction is useful, and makes a good point about the intimacy and privacy of reading poetry from the page. One-to-one reading is like reading a […]

MAKE, folk art, and

I love MAKE: Blog. Not because I actually want to make my own automated cocktail dispenser or LED tank-top that plays Conway’s Game of Life, or even an iPod Nano arcade cabinet. But I love the fact that there are people who do these things. A while ago, I went to the Folk Archive exhibition […]

Hummingbird names

Roddy has a list of some interesting names of birds found in India over at Vitamin Q. I can’t resist adding some of the species of hummingbird found in Venezuela: Glowing Puffleg Mountain Velvetbreast Lazuline Sabrewing Golden-bellied Starfrontlet Spangled Coquette Gorgetted Woodstar Forktailed Woodnymph White-necked Jacobin Fiery Topaz White-vented Plumeleteer Black-eared Fairy White-bearded Hermit Pale-tailed […]

WordPress Theme Competition

The WP theme comp I mentioned entering before seems to have been a peculiarly elaborate hoax, though I can’t see what they gained from it. Anyway, there’s now a new WordPress Theme Competition set up by people miffed at the collapse of the last one. I’ll probably enter it – after all, the alternative is […]

The Lipstick of Noise

Poetry MP3 blog The Lipstick of Noise is back up and running.

WordPress Theme Competition

Well, that WordPress 2.0 Themes Competition I entered has had 188 entries. Hmmm. I’m not sure I like those odds… It’ll be interesting to see what people have come up with, and to find out what the judges were looking for.

Learning algebra

Something Kevin said sent me towards an article in the Washington Post about the uselessness of algebra to normal life, and the ensuing mouth-frothing response in the comments over at Pharyngula. Two things I’d say. It rather makes me despair to see people talk about algebra as though it was advanced mathematics. Algebra is hardly […]

Evolution, ID, Carl Zimmer, monkey-men and suchlike. Again.

I’ve just added The Loom to the linkroll. The Loom is the blog of Carl Zimmer, who wrote the excellent and rivetingly eye-opening Parasite Rex, as well as the excellent but marginally less riveting At the Water’s Edge. They’re both worth reading, but the parasite one would be my recommendation just because the subject matter […]

Remind me to go and live on a hill

Watch London flood! From the very cool DDE. Not good news for those of us south of the river.

Testers wanted – again!

Sorry to be a pain. If I’ve got this right, the test blog should look exactly the same as it did last time you checked; it’s just much more intelligently designed. Or possibly more evolved. I think it’s nearly ready for submission, now.


Guy #1: Dude, all this Groundhog Day shit is bullshit. It is impossible for something to not have a shadow. All things that move have shadows. If it don’t move, then it don’t have a shadow. Groundhog Day is bullshit. Guy #2: Dude, you’re a dumbass. Only living things have shadows. from OHiNY

WordPress 2.0 Theme Design Competition

I’m somewhat tempted by this WordPress 2.0 Theme Design Competition. I wouldn’t enter either of my curent themes, though. I couldn’t use the swifts one anyway, because the photographer never replied to my request to use his photo, and while I only feel mild guilt about breaching his copyright on this site, I can hardly […]


Geoffrey Chaucer has a blog. It looks like posts only come along every few motnhs, but this made me laugh. Via Ancrene Wiseass.

Diaries and such

On Radio 4 today, they were talking about the editing process for John Fowles’ journals [you know, the guy who wrote The French Lieutenant’s Woman], and I found myself thinking “I’ve never managed to maintain a diary for more than a couple of days”. Which is an odd thing to say, when this blog has […]

Three translations of Montale

Peter Sirr compares three different translations of a poem by Eugenio Montale over at The Cat Flap.


An art-type thing at Pruned, and via Interactive Architecture dot org, the Airship to Orbit program. Check out the animation, which has the cheesiest music in the world ever. Oh, and KLF’s The Manual (How To Have A Number One The Easy Way).

WordPress upgrade

Well, I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.0 – despite the fact that they’re probably about to release 2.0.1 – and so far so good. Most (all?) of the changes are things which aren’t visible to you lot. It seems generally nicer to use, though the WYSIWYG editor doesn’t like Safari. *shrug*. The new Admin pages are […]

Adult film posters (and some other stuff)

Adult movie posters, via we make money not art, who got it from Camp Heatwole. edit: more linkworthiness. Dazzle painting, via gravestmor. It’s worth looking at the pictures and clicking on the links in the dazzle article. further edit: Bangladeshi rickshaw art, via Metafilter. and still more: Crop Art, also via Camp Heatwole.