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‘The Sacred Made Real’ at the National Gallery

To quote their own blurb: ‘The Sacred Made Real’ presents a landmark reappraisal of religious art from the Spanish Golden Age with works created to shock the senses and stir the soul. Paintings, including masterpieces by Diego Velázquez and Francisco de Zurbarán, are displayed for the very first time alongside Spain’s remarkable polychrome wooden sculptures. […]


BibliOdyssey: Roots and Trunks C17th cross-sections of plants ( tags: C17th plants microscopy )


BibliOdyssey: Metoposcopia The use of forehead wrinkles for character analysis: fabulous illustrations from a C17th manuscript. ( tags: C17th metoposcopy )

Going Dutch by Lisa Jardine

Full, slightly overblown title: Going Dutch: How England Plundered Holland’s Glory. This is a book about the relationship between England and Holland in the C17th. It’s an interesting period, of course: the C17th was Holland’s ‘Golden Age’, when the country was not only a wealthy global power but at the intellectual and especially artistic forefront of Europe. For […]


Cockle bread – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Found while looking for something else: 'Seventeenth century English women usually "got their man" by baking a 'cockle bread', a bread whose dough was kneaded and pressed against the woman's vulva and then baked.' ( tags: C17th bread food )

The Century of Revolution by Christopher Hill

The full title is The Century of Revolution, 1603-1714; i.e. the century in question is the longish C17th from the death of Queen Elizabeth to the death of Queen Anne. I guess most centuries are centuries of revolution somewhere, and in one way or another, but the C17th was the only time the English have had an actual […]