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Blogging, Google+ and tangled networks

Dave Bonta’s post about Google+ had me thinking about my relationships with various social networks. I remember being rather resentful of Facebook because I had carefully carved out a space on the web: this blog. I liked being able to change the way it looked, and to fiddle with the internal workings; and above all […]

Bad Google! Naughty Google!

This is interesting; apparently The Complete Review has fallen foul of Google’s revised search algorithm: Apparently the complete review is exactly the kind of “low-quality site” that is “just not very useful” they were targeting, as search result positions have plummeted for most of the review-pages at the site. I do have some sympathy with Google; providing […]


Google’s China Problem (and China’s Google Problem) – New York Times Interesting article about how internet censorship works in China. The article is now 3 years old, which is a long time on the internet, but it's worth reading. ( tags: Google internet censorship China )

What the right phrase can do to your site traffic

I’d try to create this kind of googlebait on purpose if I thought that any of those hits were likely to become return visitors. As it is, it’s mainly going to eat my bandwidth (not that I’m in any danger of running out).