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Hornets, and toodle-oo for now

About three weeks ago, I was in the garden and I saw a largeish brown and yellow insect fly past which I thought looked like the right general size, shape and colours for a hornet… but I thought that couldn’t possibly be right, and it must be some kind of hornet mimic — a large hoverfly species, […]

Hot wasp

I saw one of these parasitic wasps in the garden… … which turns out to be Gasteruption jaculator. Nice, innit? Because it was long and thin with a light tip to the ovipositor, it looked sort of like a small, delicate blue-tailed damselfly when it was flying around the flowerbeds. » the photo is © […]

Napowrimo #28: bees and wasps

Honey, of course, is made by bees but some may not have heard about the hives of Cornish wasps that make the lemon curd. ~~~ a bit late, but at least I’m back to only one behind schedule.

More vespal entertainment

Sherry mentioned my wasp nest on her blog and via the comments was revealed this hand-made hornet’s nest by papermaker Gin Petty. You can read her full account of making it here. And browsing around Flickr I found these pictures by Andrew Dill of a wasp nest built on a window: Here’s something I learned […]

Wasp nest super close-up

We finally had enough sun to make photography a bit easier. Here’s another wasp nest close-up. It’s striking how different the colours look on a sunnier day.

Wasp nest

The plumbers found an old wasp nest in the attic. Wimbledon has had its usual effect on the weather, so the light isn’t great for photograpy, but during a break in the rain I tried taking a few pictures. The whole thing’s about 2 foot across. Here’s a close-up: