British food

I’m always somewhat irritated when someone from The Land of Industrial Food is rude about British cooking. If it comes from one of the great foody cultures (the Italians, the French, the Indians, the Japanese…) I’m willing to admit they’re talking from a position of strength. But the country of processed cheese, marshmallow fluff, and beer brewed with rice? Not so much.

That gripe aside, the blog is worth reading.

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The US may be the land of fast food and agribusiness, but the UK is the home of the ready meal. It never ceases to surprise me that birthday cakes (and cakes in general) tend to be bought (rather than made) and how people think nothing of bringing a store-bought quiche as their contribution to a joint meal. The volume of throw-away plastic sandwich containers bought/disposed of each day also boggles. The two cultures differ with respect to food habits, but both have their problems.

Glad you think the blog is worth reading, in spite of my attempts at humo(u)r at the expense of mushy peas. Best wishes.

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